Constitution of IAVIP



This Association will be called”Indian Association of Visually Impaired Physiotherapists” (I A V I P).


NRG School of Physiotherapy,

Blind People Association,

Shree Jagdishbhai Cross Road,


Ahmedabad 380 015




  • Sharing scientific education through planned programmes that are practical, need based, and job oriented.

  • Creating a cadre of VIPTs who have ‘value’ in the market due to their training.

  • Creating job opportunities for the trained cadre through continuous dialogue with various funding / placement agencies in the urban areas and with agencies like NABARD for similar employment opportunities in rural areas.

  • Creating an organisation that is financially sustainable.

  • Influencing policy and practice.

  • Social activism, advocacy and awareness about the potentials of VIPTs.

  • Promoting cadres of trained professionals and caregivers in the field of physiotherapy.

  • Initiating and promoting appropriate innovations.

  • Capacity building of stakeholders and professionals.
  • Developing models of good practice.

  • Promoting research in various aspects related to physiotherapy development.

  • Networking with other organizations across the country.

  • To organise refresher courses.

  • To conduct periodic meetings at national and regional levels.

  • To circulate information regarding new placements and vacancies.

  • To interact and co-ordinate with all schools conducting physiotherapy courses for the visually impaired.

  • To conduct fund raising campaigns and to use the proceeds for the benefit of the members.



Aims of IAVIP:



  • The IAVIP will hold camps at various locations where VIPTs are practicing. This will generate more awareness in the community towards the working of a VIPT and also help the VIPT gain confidence.
  • The IAVIP will be responsible for publishing regular magazines for the VIPTs. These magazines will contain articles regarding different techniques of physiotherapy which are developed in other countries. These publications shall also be used for advertising vacancies, etc.
  • The IAVIP will look forward towards technical support from such organizations that have a team of master trainers such as Handicap International etc. These master trainers will be invited periodically to train VIPTs on different subjects and techniques.
  • The IAVIP will organize conferences, workshops and seminars by inviting specialists on different subjects. As delegates, it will be open to all VIPTs to attend such meets.
  • A regular participation of various specialists will also be promoted in order to enhance the skills of the VIPTs working at all centers.
  • The IAVIP will encourage the upcoming young physiotherapists to recognize their talents and keep them abreast with current techniques used worldwide through various seminars and CME.
  • The IAVIP will instill zest and enthusiasm among the therapists to take their profession to the pinnacle of success by being dedicated and vigilant.
  • The IAVIP will endeavor to gain financial support for sustenance from various sources such as charging for the services provided, collecting donations from individuals / corporates, attracting sponsorship for its various activities, getting grants from various government schemes, etc.
  • The IAVIP shall issue national registration numbers for use in the regular practice for all the VIPTs from all the registered schools across India.

What is IAVIP?

IAVIP (Indian Association of visually impaired physiotherapists) is the only official body representing all the practicing Visually Impaired Physiotherapists in India. Established on the 1st of April 2007, IAVIP is registered with the Public Charity Commissioner and also under the Society Act.

IAVIP was formed by the 3 schools currently conducting a programme in Physiotherapy for the Visually Impaired in India. These are:
• Physiotherapy College for the Visually Impaired – Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.
o [Conducting a three and half year Diploma in Physiotherapy recognized by Ahmedabad University.
• National Association for the Blind – Department of Rehabilitation, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai.
o [Conducting a 2 year Diploma in Physiotherapy approved by Maharastra State Education Board]
• Blind Peoples Association – Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.
o [Conducting a three and half year Diploma in Physiotherapy recognized by Ahmedabad University.
IAVIP has more than 370 registered members as on date. These members have either a 3 year Diploma in Physiotherapy or a 2 year Certificate in Physiotherapy as there basic qualification.